About  Sergeant's Fitness

Sarge Bootcamp – Group Training
Private Fitness – Private and Small Training
Command Fitness – Corporate Fitness Program
Running Improvement Program (RIP)

Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts is more than an exercise class, we are a fitness community with instructors who care about helping our clients achieve their fitness goals

Sarge Boot Camp is the longest running fitness boot camp program in the country! 
Our founding principles include:

    Accountability - Our instructors care about helping you reach your fitness goals. We are here to motivate, encourage and push you to your greatest potential - that includes making sure you show up to class and get what you are paying for!

    Community - At Sarge Fitness we are on a first name basis. When you join, you instantly become a part of the Sarge family. Our trainers encourage and push you while other clients will support and cheer for you to do your best.

    Discipline – Sarge is serious about helping you reach your fitness goals - that means showing up daily, arriving on time, practicing proper form and counting repetition during the workout.